I was born in Opononi on the beautiful Hokianga Harbour, and although I lived away for education, I have always been drawn to Opononi, my home.

Karen_DoidgeFor all those that have been fortunate enough to visit the Hokianga and enjoy the famous Opononi sand hills, you will probably agree, that inspiration and beauty are an everyday occurrence.

It was not until my children had grown and left home, that I was able to follow my passion to capture everyday life in photographic media and be able to present it in a form for others to enjoy,  something that  I have literally been privileged to be able to see as normal.

I have advanced in my photography, and am proud to be able to offer the opportunity, of personal family portraits to treasure for years to come.    My vision is to provide these ‘portraits in your favourite place’, taken at a venue that is special to you.

I am excited to provide you “Pictures with Passion”.